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A Fresh Take on the Bagpipes

WELCOME to Caber Records: The "Weavers of the Tartan" bagpipe music by Scott Cawthon.

Listen to sample excepts from our recordings below by selecting the graphic of the recording of interest and then select the track of interest.

"Leaping Ghillies Vol 1" is released and available for purchase. Volumn 2 is in the planing stages. Status updates are posted in the Caber Records BagBlog. Be certain to RSS it if you want to follow the creative process.

We love the bagpipe instrument and hope to share this enthusiasm with you. If you are moved to share this celtic music with others, please feel free to do so and link back to this site.

FREE Bagpipe Music - Request A Tune

Check out my personal web site. Listen to the Tune of the Month and request any you would like to here.